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Enjoy your daily dose of coffee, milk, or diet soda? Same here.

I don't know about you, but I live in Los Angeles where there are a bunch of people trying to get healthy. It may be different for some 

But any who, I believe that because of the people who want to get healthy, people are often fooled by advertisements about buying "X" product for the vitamins and 

If your goal is get healthy or lean and fit, you're more than likely aware that how we nourish the body more important than how much we exercise.

This also includes the drinks we drink

In today's episode of EmeroyTV you'll learn:
● My perspective on health drinks, fruit juice, milk, coffee, and alcohol and how
● How alcohol affects your metabolism
● How these drinks contribute to weigh gain 

So what do you think? Gained a little bit more perspective about drinking calories?

Cutting back on drinking Starbucks, juice, and soda was a challenge for me when I first started, so I definitely understand.
What type of drink would you find most challenging to give up?

Share your thoughts by leaving a detailed comments below.

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Hello hello there!

We all know what it's like when we hold in our emotions, eventually it has to come out some how. I feel like its the same for everything, the more we hold in and refuse to left out, the worst it can get. And many of us have a lot to think out every single day; bills, family, job, etc.

Have you ever had a moment when he stress of everything in your life just came at you all at once?

You wake up one morning and instead of feeling relaxed you find yourself thinking about what you've gotta get done and why you haven't done; and soon enough, you find yourself overwhelmed before breakfast.

And what's worst, you end up lashing out at people you care about because of this stress. And hurting our loved ones is the last thing we want to do. You don't mean to, you've just got a lot on our plate.

If you can relate than you'll love today's episode of EmeroyTV where I share:

● A simple 2 step process of mind dumping, where you can let all the stressful thoughts out.
● How powerful our thoughts have over us.
● How lack of control of our thoughts can take us away from what truly matters.

Feeling 5lbs lighter?

What did you do in moments you feel like your mind is all over the place? I'd love to hear your thoughts about today's topic.

Just leave a detailed comment down below to share! The more detailed the better because what you share could be what someone needs for inspiration.

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For those who have more than one passion, you'll definitely love what my next guest and friend, Ellenie Galestian has to say. From dancing on Broadway and the American Music Awards to pursuing her passion in music, Ellenie has faced through challenges to truly become who she wants to be.

If you've ever faced self doubt or rejection, today's episode is definitely for you.

Profiles In Drive Episode 3:
Ellenie Galestian: Constant Growth, Becoming The Best Version of Yourself, and Doing it All

In today's episode you'll learn:
● How her journey around Europe began her journey in becoming a singer
● Who you are is much more important than what you look like.
● Be mindful of the people who will try to take advantage of you.
● How she left a successful life in New York to chase her dreams in L.A. 
● How her vision drives her to do what she does 
● To always seek to utilize your talents to their highest potentiontial 
● The importance of being patient and trusting the process 
● Timing is everything
● The only person you can be better than is yourself
● Put yourself out there
● The importance of constantly growing and constantly growing.
● Make an effort to connect with everyone where ever you go. Expand your network.
● Plus much more

Stay Driven

● Connect with Ellenie
● Check out Ellenie's demo:

● Music Credit: Explosions In The Sky - First Breath After Coma
● Shout out to Mount Hua Studios for the space.

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What's the first thing you think about when it comes to achieving happiness?

A million dollars?

Meeting your true love?


I believe the idea of happiness has been severely twisted throughout the years. Our society has taught us that happiness is something that we have to achieve or get to, and a lot of people end up in a never ending chase.

I always thought that being happy meant getting out of college early and getting to work at an animation company. That wasn't exactly the case. 

While I did get to work with some amazing companies, for some reason I kept asking myself, "is this all there is?" All of a sudden, the thing I thought would make me happy, a great job, security, and more, just wasn't making me feel that way any more. 

I was confused. Deep inside I knew there had to be something more.

So what the heck is happiness then if its not something we get?

That's exactly what we cover in today's video, where we learn:
● A new definition of happiness derived from the Ancient Greeks
● How happiness relates to our everyday choices
● How our gifts and talents correlate with happiness
● 6 principles in happiness

Everyone deserves to be happy. We just need to stop trying to chase after it.  Once you realize that you have the power to be happy no matter how crazy a situation can get.

Now, it's your turn!

How do you define happiness? Have you ever found yourself trying to chase achievement after achievement?

Share with me your thoughts down below! The more you share the better because what you say can make a a huge impact on someone.

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